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Need for Caching in Apache Spark

Caching is one of Spark's optimization strategies for reusing computations. It stores interim and partial results so they'll be utilised in subsequent computation stages.

Introduction to Data Engineering

It's the process of designing and building systems for gathering vast quantities of raw operational data from a variety of sources and formats, analyzing, converting, and storing it at scale....

Envelope Encryption

Envelope encryption is a way of encrypting plaintext data using a key and then encrypting that key using an another key. This strategy is intended not just to make things...

Defining Variables Using the `def` Keyword in Scala

Difference between `lazy val` and `def`.

Singleton Pattern

A singleton pattern limits the number of instances of a class to one.


Anti-patterns at first seem to be quick and reasonable, they typically have adverse effects in the future. They are design and code smells. It affects our software badly and adds...