Hello there! 👋 It's a pleasure to meet you!

Hello there! 👋 It's a pleasure to meet you!

About me

My name is Senthil Nayagan. I am a seasoned IT professional with years of expertise in designing and building complex business solutions. I’ve been working in the field of Data Engineering for the past few years. If I were to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I am a Data Engineer by profession, a Rustacean by interest, and an avid tech-blog writer at present. Currently, I am based in Chennai, India.

Open-source software (OSS) and the community

I enjoy working with open-source software (OSS). They are open and free to all. They encourage the free exchange of thoughts. I appreciate the freedom they provide. We (developers) are able to engage in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. In the end, they deal with our common problems.

The community and open-source software have been a huge help and source of inspiration for me ever since I began coding. In return, I want to contribute back to the community in whatever manner I can. One thing I can do right away is share my knowledge with others through blogging.

Wrting tech-blogs

We often think about coding when we consider OSS contributions. Writing code may be a more engaging way to contribute to OSS, but it’s certainly not the only option to give back to the community. Writing tech blogs is a great tool to communicate and exchange knowledge, and it’s immensely helpful for the developer community.

Blogging is more than just writing notes. It demands a great deal of work to ensure that the content we put together reaches the target developers as simply and clearly as possible.

Personally, I like writing technical blogs. Blogging has been an excellent way for me to learn new things and share them with others. Through blogging, I not only share my knowledge with others who are interested in my areas of expertise, but I also share it with myself, in the most clear terms possible.

My blog

This is my personal blog, where I make up stories about my personal thoughts, design and coding principles, and a variety of topics related to data engineering and analytics, which is my primary area of interest. I’m attempting to make all of my posts as clear as possible while yet providing sufficient information for you to grasp the concepts.

Hobbies and interests

I have a lot of interests and hobbies. Street photography, collecting old paper money, making jingles, exploring gadgets, etc. are just a few. I will write about them in detail sooner.

Well accomplished if you’ve made it this far  

If you like my stories or have suggestions for their improvement, please feel free to contact me.

Happy learning!

Senthil Nayagan
Founder and Content Creator, towardsdata.dev.

Email: [email protected]
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